Access to Data-Planet Statistical DataSheets Metadata

Downloading Data-Planet metadata (xml), marc (mrc), and text (txt) records is available for all Data-Planet subscribers. Subscribing institutions should contact us at for a user name/password. Downloading is subject to the following Terms and Conditions governing the use of the metadata records. Please review before accessing the Metadata Download page at the link below. 

Terms and Conditions of Use

  • You agree not to use the data and metadata, as individual records, or groups of records, in derivative products for use outside your institution.
  • Neither metadata nor DataSheets may not be resold or re-distributed as derivative products.
  • You agree not to use the metadata records, in total or in part, for commercial purposes.
  • You agree not to copy and re-use portions of the records for any purpose outside their intended use of providing access to Data-Planet Statistical DataSheets and Data-Planet Statistical Datasets.
  • You agree that the individual fields included in the metadata records, including database description, dataset description, and data description are protected by copyright and are available for download under these terms only.
  • You may use the metadata to create your own access portal to Data-Planet content if you so wish provided you share that plan with us. 

We are providing this metadata for you to use to facilitate access to Data-Planet content residing on Data-Planet servers and computer systems. The metadata itself is proprietary and copyrighted by SAGE Publications, the producer of Data-Planet products. You are free to use the metadata in your library ILS or catalog. It is not to be resold, re-distributed, or passed along to other library catalogs, computer systems, or organizations other than to the contracted provider of your Discovery product, if your organization has one.

The metadata records contained in the downloadable files contain links (DOI links) to Data-Planet DataSheets. Authorized users of Data-Planet products at subscribing institutions will be able to immediately view charts, maps, tables, and graphs and download the raw data represented in the Data-Planet DataSheets. This access is facilitated by the access rights managed in our authentication system which was set up when you purchased the product. If the user is not an authorized user, or your organization has not contracted rights to access Data-Planet products, the user will see a formatted Data-Sheet without the ability to download or view data, but they will have a reference to the data, a DOI, full descriptions of the data, its parent database, and other metadata components.

Downloading any files confirms that you accept the stated terms and conditions of use, as defined above.

Click here to access Data-Planet Statistical DataSheets metadata.

View a Sample DataSheet: 

Animals and Livestock - Livestock from the Agricultural Surveys Dataset shown in $

View Metadata XML Schema and Sample DataSheet Metadata formats.

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