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Coverage scope 16 subject categories, all disciplines business and industy data in 19 categories 14 broad subject categories Index to US government, intergovernmental, and nongovernment publications US government and intergovernmental data
Sources 70+ public and private US and international organizations 18,000 sources: news agencies, company websites, public organizations Not defined US federal government and intergovernmental organizations US government agencies
Visualization options 19 options: trends, charts, rankings, maps, more trends, charts 12 chart types none none
Dynamic visualization of multiple indicators yes no unknown no no
Count of data points 35 billion 1.5 million unknown unknown unknown
Count of datasets 4.9 billion  unknown 50,000  unknown unknown
Count of tables billions - customization options make this count unlimited unknown unknown  600,000  ~1,500 
Structured metadata 37 fields of metadata; datasets indexed with a controlled vocabulary no unknown 11 fields of metadata yes
DOIs for datasets and infographics yes no no no no
Export formats xls, pdf, csv, SAS, shapefiles jpg, ppt, xls pdf, xls, csv, ppt, png, svg GIF, pdf, some xls xls, pdf
Exportable DataSheet with infographic and statistical abstract yes no unknown no no
Export to reference managers yes no no yes no
Ability to search inside the datasets yes no unknown no no
Ability to ingest customer-supplied datasets yes no yes no no




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