About Data Planet


Data Planet grew out of the research and development efforts of Conquest Systems, Inc., founded in 1989, and today a leading information technology software solutions provider, as part of SAGE Publishing. In its work developing statistical hosting and analysis technology, vast amounts of statistical data have been aggregated and organized, resulting in what is now the Data Planet repository of over 185 billion datapoints from over 550 databases sourced from 90 public and private organizations. The datasets contained in Data Planet are structured and homogenized to permit correlation of multiple, diverse indicators. The Data Planet technology and information architecture provides powerful tools to interpret and visualize that data. The repository continues to grow regularly with the addition of new datasets drawn from public and private sources. The Data Planet products are used today in government agencies, financial institutions, publishing companies and libraries. In 2018, Data Planet joined the SAGE Publishing family, and currently licenses its technology via a hosted environment and an API.

DATA PLANET™: A SAGE Publishing Resource  ·  onlinesupport@sagepub.co.uk