Data Planet Statistical Datasets

Data Planet Statistical Datasets provides easy access to an extensive repository of standardized and structured statistical data. The Data Planet repository contains more than 157 billion data points from more than 80 source organizations. The over 12.6 billion datasets in Data Planet provide immediate access to data presented in charts, maps, graphs, and table form, via multiple points of entry.

With the ability to instantly chart, map, and compare billions of indicators at the county, MSA, census-tract, state, and country level, Data Planet is revolutionizing statistical research. The repository continues to grow with new content and sources selected purposefully to best meet the needs of customers.


The time series are categorized and indexed with a subject vocabulary. Other points of entry to the data are provided editorially with the addition of rich metadata to each time series including periodicity, indicator and dataset content descriptions, source descriptions, and geographic coding.

Find, Deliver, Use

Data Planet’s easy-to-use desktop tool allows users to search and navigate content by subject, and compare & contrast multiple data series, perform statistical calculations on the data, and customize output views. The interface offers multiple options to facilitate Research, Reference, and Analysis: Users can chart and map data, compare and contrast time period data, export data, tables, charts, or maps into work product, or use the content to provide context to related content.

  • Researchers / Analysts: Use Data Planet Statistical Datasets to compare disparate data, create heat maps, identify relationships between different datasets, perform calculations and analysis, and develop trends, charts, rankings, and more. 
  • Faculty: Use Data Planet Statistical Datasets to create course material, identify trends, and as a source of baseline statistics in research projects.
  • Library: Use Data Planet Statistical Datasets to support complex statistical research requests. 
  • Editors: Use Data Planet Statistical Datasets to identify and create content for publication and research.

Add Your Data to Data Planet Statistical Datasets!

Add your data to Data Planet Statistical Datasets and integrate it with all the other data in our system.

Many customers purchase or create their own statistical data. It may be deposited in a repository, but generally only as raw data in CSV, spreadsheet, or database form. We can load your data, or your purchased datasets*, into the Data Planet repository for search, retrieval, and use alongside all the other data we have. See Data Hosting Services by Data Planet for more detail.

Data Planet™ can ingest any statistical time-series data. We can load data in accordance with license and purchase rights on behalf of customers for their access. Rights can be managed at the individual, department or enterprise levels. Datasets access can only be granted in accordance with whatever licenses the dataset publisher agrees to. Datasets can be ingested from Excel, SQL, CSV, Delimited, XML formats.

More Information

For more information, please contact us. For information on how Data Planet compares to other statistical aggregations, please visit here.

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